Lottery program

What is an online lottery? What kind of play do you play? Why do people play so many? We have an answer.

What is an online lottery? Many people already know the online lottery or may not know it yet. The lottery can now be purchased via mobile phone. And people turned to play. A lot of online lotteries with better payout rates than government lotteries and underground lotteries. There are many kinds of online lotteries to choose from.

What is an online lottery?

In the past, the lottery is another call of the Government Savings Lottery as one of the definitions of risky betting to draw to the number that appears, or the lottery in Thailand is issued on the number of the National Lottery or lottery on the 1st and 16th day of every month.

Lottery program

Is to bet on the lottery by based on numbers from the government lottery. The prize will depend on the lottery dealer, with a different draw to the government. The prizes from the underground lottery depend on the top and bottom numbers in each period. The result of the 1st draw is a bet type on the end prize counting the category as a bottom stab.

Many people will be familiar with the term “online lottery.” “More or less, the online lottery here refers to the lottery betting, using internet channels as an intermediary to bet, which is the advantage of online betting, that there will be many players because they are comfortable to play.

Nowadays, there are betting sites that offer online lottery services. Open multiple websites and provide services in different ways. Some offer mule returns, with higher returns than others, some have good service, have an impression in exchange for customers who come to bet, buy government lottery tickets online.

What are the different types of online lotteries?

  1. Thai Lottery The government lottery is going to be the same lottery as the underground lottery in all respects. Based on national lottery results On the 1st and 16th of every month, some websites are open to 1-6 bets, similar to lottery tickets, and buying lottery tickets on the web also offers a lottery discount. High payout rates are not as overwhelming as regular underground lottery dealers.
  2. The Lao Lottery is similar to playing the Thai lottery, officially known as “Lottery Pattana”, or Lao language called “Padtana Lottery”, which will be drawn on Mondays and Thursdays at 8.30pm (AP).
  3. Hanoi Lottery, also known as the Vietnam Lottery, is a lottery based on draws from the lottery in Vietnam. Thai people have adopted this lottery result to predict numbers, becoming a form of stabbing divided into 3 on toddlers, 2 top bottom and top runners, which is the highlight of this lottery is that it can be played frequently, stabbed every day, so it is very popular in Pajuban.
  4. The Malaysian Lottery or Malay Lottery is another very playable lottery because the big prizes have a relatively higher percentage. 1st prize of the Thai National Lottery because it is only 4 figures predicted. The play is not much different from the Thai lottery.
  5. The Cambodian Lottery is a lottery based on the draw results from the lottery in Cambodia. Thais bring the winnings to the rules. New betting rules for more fun and interest
  6. Lottery Yiyi or Ping Pong Lottery is the right lottery for people who like to play the lottery at all times, which is open for 24 hours every 15 minutes, about 88 rounds/day.
  7. The Thai stock lottery is a bet when the stock market opens with the stock market closing in Thailand, with a total of 3 rounds of betting: morning, afternoon, evening, open monday – Friday (except public holidays and public holidays).
  8. The foreign lottery is a draw of the same characteristics as the Thai lottery, but differently, it is a foreign lottery. Price figures Open – Close depends on the stock market of the country, with 13 countries available.

How much does each lottery payout rate pay?

  • Government Lottery Three, 900 baht, two baht, 90 baht each.
  • Hanoi Lottery Three straight, 850 baht each, two baht 92 each.
  • Malay Lottery Three straight, 850 baht each, two baht 92 each.
  • Lao Lottery Three straight, 850 baht each, two baht 92 each.
  • Stock Lottery Three straight, 850 baht each, two baht 92 each.
  • Three straight lotteries, 850 baht each, two baht 92 each.
  • Baptism Lottery Three straight, 900 baht each, two 90 baht each.
  • Government Savings Lottery Three straight, 900 baht each, two 90 baht each.


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